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Wash Clothes Inside Out and Other Laundry Tips and Tricks

I love to do laundry. I’m crazy that way. And I enjoy discovering ways to do it more efficiently—and by efficient I do mean cheaper, better and faster. In fact, I was about ready to give myself a proper title, The Laundress, until I discovered a couple of very bright young women in New York […]

Getting cute and creative hair in the morning can be seemingly impossible when y…

Getting cute and creative hair in the morning can be seemingly impossible when you’re a girl on the go. Don’t worry…that’s where we come in! Here are 11 super cute and easy hairstyles to whip up the next time you’re out of ideas and in a hurry!

30 Elegant Hairstyles To Make You Look Pretty In Every Occasion – Trend To Wear

Elegant Hairstyles don’t just look good themselves but change the overall appearance of a lady. The craze for Elegant Hairstyles have been in fashion since ancient times. I mean this something that comes very naturally to women. You see girls in every part have always seemed to have long hair or even short hair and always …

Shift Dress 09/2012 #107

BurdaStyle shift dress – what do you think of this one – sleeve length seems good? I know there's no collar – does that make it not work? (it could carry the pattern of the fabric though)


Knit Ski Bonnets never seem to go out of style. I liked the look of this one and of course mine would be Red.  My Granddaughter prefers the colour “Rainbow”, so time to find the multi-coloured yarn. This hat was inspired by EZ’s Ski Bonnet, but this one is knit flat then joined in the …